Sunday, April 27, 2008


CMM is done, time for a new short term goal. Here's a laundry list of some of my running goals.

Fast marathon, fast for me being 3:10. On hold, I haven't done a marathon since Boston in 2005.

Fast 5k. Sub 19:00. I've run a 18:48.

That's the trophy, I was 3rd Male overall. But, that was several years ago, 30 degrees and a night race, with a downhill finish, and on a course I ran 2-3 times a week.

Marathon in 50 states on hold, at least until I get back to doing a marathon a year.

50 miler, probably attempt this in the fall when it's more comfortable doing 20 milers.

Re qualify for Boston. Boston rocks, I'd really like to run a decent time on that course.

Fast half marathon. Anything under 1:28 would do. I've run that time twice, once in a marathon buildup and another training solely for the half. Perhaps this fall at the Murfreesboro Half.

Immediate goal through this summer is the sub 19:00 5k. Three quality workouts a week on six days of training. A tempo or progression run of around 4-6 miles on Tuesdays. Just hope EB is healthy and we can continue those workouts. A speed session of 12+, 200's with 200 recovery at R pace. Most of these will be on the road, but maybe some on the track for a little break from the asphalt. Long run of 12-13 miles at around 7:30 pace. Longer if coach feels its needed. The other 3 runs will be recovery, with at least 2 of them on the golf course or trail to give the legs a break from the asphalt.

Run this morning was 10 miles at 7:30. Felt great, used the trick from TR and took a hand held water bottle filled with a 50/50 ratio of water and lemonade. Honeysuckle is in full bloom. Pretty flowers, great fragrance, but a nasty vine that takes over everything and the pollen gives my allergy fits. No effect this morning?

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