Monday, February 8, 2010

5 weeks out from the Tom King half marathon and 5k

Worked the Predators 5k on saturday for my last tokens to run in the Tom King race. Big turnout for the race with 1,600 preregistered. Sure don't see how anyone can run that quick with the wind and cold. It was around 34 degrees at the start, which wasn't bad. I was actually to warm at times, because I'd dressed for the wind. It was chilly. Can't imagine running downtown, with the wind tunnel effect, in shorts and a singlet. Brrrrrrr. The winning time was 16:07. First winter race for me at the finish line, and the number of puking runners just seems to stand out. Hot day, I could see. Always cool to see everyone coming across the line.

Training this week was ok. Only did one quality workout, seven miles at steady state. One more this week for eight miles and I'm switching to shorter, faster stuff. Maybe back to the hills for some repeats to continue and build strength. Did manage to get 60 miles this week on seven days of running. That makes fourteen days in a row, running. Not trying to have a running streak, but really is the only way to get the mileage without doing doubles. Not that I'm against doubles, they're just to hard to pull off.

Did manage to drop 2 pounds with the increase in mileage. This should help come race day. Not that I've got that much to lose. Probably why it takes several weeks worth of increased miles before those pounds actually drop. In the last 4 weeks I've averaged 60 miles per week.

Sending off my registration for the race today. Can't believe its' $50 for a half marathon. Guess I'm just a little out of touch with the race fees. I only race maybe twice a year. Seems like the last couple of marathons were around $65. Best deal out there is the State Park running tour. This weekend is the Frostbite half marathon. If, I was in shape and could swing being gone all day that race is a bargain. One of these years perhaps we can get a group together and race one of them a month and trade off on driving or something. The fact that they usually start around 11 am is the deal breaker for me. One day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dirk, if the half was at Ceders of Lebanon, one of the lunch ladies ran it. Anna & I have been walking now starting our fourth week. Lord God I hope I don't turn into a running nut like you and dad :). K