Saturday, April 10, 2010

Purity Moosic City race report

Dylan decided to race the one mile fun run, yesterday. This was his first race. He's 8 years old. Can't remember how old Darrell was for his first race. We started towards the back of the pack, almost to far back. We had to go around a few walkers. I pretty much just chased after him. He did pretty much what I told him. Start slow and pick off runners. At the turnaround, a half mile out he'd worked his way up to 3rd overall, passing two older girls. He battled with the 2nd place runner most of the way home and finished 3rd overall. He won a nice boom box for his efforts.

My race didn't pan out as well. My only hope of beating the Wich brother's was to go out hard and maintain to the finish. First mile pretty well told me it wasn't going to happen. BQ1 passed me around mile 2 and then an entire truck load of UPS runners. Just couldn't maintain the pace. Ended up with a 19:40 or so, good enough for 3rd in my age group. BQ1 got 3rd master for the 5k and his brother got 1st in his age group (plus he beat me). The 10k guys did well, taking 4th and 5th overall. Which placed them as the 1 and 2 masters runners in the 10k. (those guys are in a whole other sphere of racing, their pace for 6.2 miles was quicker than we ran the 3.1 miles)

This race is great for the kids. The Wich's had 2 vans worth. The herd all won some hardware. Great day for a race, the weather couldn't have been any nicer. Just cool enough for the runners, but not to cold for the spectators.


Chris said...

Good job Dylan.

And just "WOW" for the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

Im 10 in this not 8.