Friday, April 9, 2010

spring ?

Plenty warm last week, almost like summer. Lots of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. Dylan was out of school for spring break. We went fishing most every day. Caught plenty of small fish, but no keepers. Darrell went with us a few times, just enough to get sun burnt. He's pretty fair skinned like Paula. Dylan on the other hand almost seems to have a built in tan. Not much on the job search. Started that in earnest this week.

Picked up Paula's little girl on Easter sunday. Her name is Zoe. Not sure how she's going to spell it. She's a tea cup, long hair chihuahua. Super tiny dog. Really funny watching her and Harley. She's smaller than his head. He plays real gentle with her. Lance on the other hand wants nothing to do with her. He almost acts like he's afraid of her. She makes him look big and he only weighs 11 pounds.

Darrell and I had a small beer sampling on the deck one day. We compared our California common to the Anchor Steam. Similar, but ours wasn't as malty. Plus, ours seemed to have more of a hop flavor. Also tried the Hop Devil. Think that may be our next brew, something really hoppy. Only downside to the real hoppy beers is the price of the hops. It adds up pretty quick. That and the amount of sludge left in the fermentation bucket afterwards. Should be able to avoid that by using a straining bag to contain the hops.

Making another sub 19:00 5k attempt this weekend at the Purity Moosic City Dairy Dash 5k and 10k. (plus the kids one mile fun run, perhaps Dylan will jump in ?) BQ1, his brother and I will be racing in the 5k and the Fast Master and Preacher will be racing the 10k. All of us will start together. The 10k group splits around mile 2 and the 5k group heads to the finish. We should have plenty of time to find a spot to watch the 10k group push it to the finish. Think this will be the largest concentration of the herd in one race, yet. (herd is the name bestowed on the small running group that meets at "o dark thiry" quite a few times a week)


jacob c. said...

Ahhh, that sux about the job. Good luck there. I noticed a red cross on your shirt over "city paper" haha.
Good luck tomorrow on that sub 19, perfect weather and perfect course to do it!
I need someone to pace me to a sub 17, ehhh..
See ya there speedy

BQ1 said...

Be sure and pound out some long intervals today to keep everything loose for tomorrow! Nice beer pic. Makes me want to sit out on a patio just like that.