Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 days

Probably let the current running streak of 30 days go. Not by plan, just the threat of snow this afternoon and evening. Don't really need the miles this week, anyway. Should still hit 60+ miles even with a day off. This is all because of 2 long runs in one week. Only because the Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite Half Marathon is on Saturday. So, next weeks mileage will be short a long run. That'll be just fine, time to start scaling back the miles anyway.

Only 24 days until the marathon as of today. Time now to start worrying about how my training has gone this cycle. Went back and compared my marathon buildup for the Flying Pig to the current training cycle. Long runs are identical to this point at 9 runs of 18 miles or more. I should end up with one more 18 mile effort after Saturday's race. Plus this cycle I've been to Percy Warner Park 4 times. Only doubled twice at PWP, the route backwards and forwards, not 2 runs in one day(not once). Weekly mileage is just about 1 mile per week more this cycle on average than for the Pig, at 73 miles per week. The marathon plan is the exact same. Only regret is maybe not enough miles, but I started this cycle with the thought that bumping up to 80 miles per week wouldn't be a difference maker, but potentially a injury inducer.

We did run the Tom King Half Marathon 6 weeks out from race day at the Pig in 2009. Tied my half marathon PR time at 1:27. (still short of the 1:25 where I need to be) This time, our only race will be Cedars, 3 weeks out. That kinda has me worried. The course is rolling, so not really a PR course like Tom King. Plus, this course has about a mile worth of rough asphalt and then 2 miles of gravel. With my tender feet, I'm not going to wear a light weight trainer, definitely not a racing flat. Guess, I'll just go out at marathon pace effort for the hills, marathon pace on everything else and call it a 13 mile marathon pace run. Add a 5 mile warm up and it's a 18 mile long run.

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