Sunday, February 20, 2011

two weeks to go

Only two weeks to go until the Snickers Marathon in Albany, Georgia. Training this cycle is almost a complete replica of the training for my last marathon PR in 2009 at the Flying Pig Marathon, in Cincinnati, Ohio. That day was a huge PR with a 3:05. This time out, I'm shooting for a sub 3:00.

Even did the same last 18 mile run. That's the course elevation with splits above. Big climb up Spain hill, out to the hills of St. Johns, and then back on Charles Smith. Rolling downhill for the last 8 miles which I did at marathon pace. Last cycle target pace was 7:03, this year 6:50. Guess the hills this cycle are the only real difference from last cycle. Four trips out to Percy Warner Park and the course at Snickers is basically flat. That should provide the strength needed to maintain pace in the final 6 miles home.

Really surprised at the number of cars parked at the Lascassas Baptist Church when I finished that last training run. Saw a few runners in my last three miles home, plus another group of runners heading out for a long run. Most of the cars were for bikers I suppose. We usually run from that location on Sunday mornings, that was probably the reason for the crowd.

I started checking the weather in Albany a few days ago. Way to early to see what kind of weather we'll get, but that's just part of the buildup. Didn't realize Accuweather does a 15 day forecast. 40 degrees to start and around 60 degrees to finish would be my ideal race day. That's about what the averages show for this time of year and about what the extended forecasts are showing. Though the high today in Albany is scheduled to be 80 degrees, here in Murfreesboro 70 degrees. But, that's only going to last a day or so and then back to normal.

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Lisa said...

Good luck & i pray for Great weather for you!