Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cedars Frostbite Half Marathon

Think they added a couple of hills in the last 2 weeks. The hills just seem to keep coming. Especially in the last 3 miles. Wondered why I couldn't get my legs to turn over. (a description of the course "mostly flat with a couple of hills", yeah right)

I arrived at Cedars of Lebanon a little earlier than my planned 9:30 am. So, I decided to ride the course backwards from mile 10 to the start to see how much snow was still on the road. The snow was on the road in sections and slippery, but it could be avoided for the most part. I can't blame my slow time on the snow, the hills yes, but not the snow.

Got in 5 miles of warmup, so I could treat this as a long run and practice marathon pace. I only managed to hit marathon pace on about 3 or 4 miles. Hills made it tough, but I expected as much. Knew I'd be slower on the uphills and get it back on the downs. Overall I'm pleased with the 1:31:40, would have liked to have run 1:30 but the last few miles were tough. Still, considering I just ran this as a marathon pace effort, I'm happy. Didn't really have much race left in me, so really surprised by the 5:50 pace for the line. No way I could have kept that going for a mile, but surprised I had that much left even for a tenth of a mile. Still, got smoked at the line by at least 2 runners.

The fast master ran faster than his marathon pace, but didn't get sucked into racing. That's some discipline. He's looking really strong and should crush the marathon in 3 weeks. Saw lots of familiar faces, but didn't really hang around at the finish. I had to get back to the house for birthday cake. Surprised when I got a call from the FM, that I'd gotten 3rd place in our age group. Don't know where that came from, thought I'd ended up 4th.

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