Sunday, April 17, 2011

Purity Dairy Dash 2011

Couple of the fella's from the herd and their kids.

Took the #2 son to the Purity Dairy Dash yesterday with his mom and nephew. We made the same trip last year, except I ran as well. This year, I didn't race, just ran out with him to try and get some pictures. Few of the fella's from the herd raced in the 5k which followed the 1 mile fun run. They also had a 10k which started after the 5k.

Blustery morning for a race. Little bit of spitting rain. Temperatures stayed right at 50 degrees and the wind was constant to downright breezy at times. Would have been almost perfect except for the wind. I really enjoy this race, big crowds and always see lots of people I know. Really wish I'd have been in race shape.

Dylan came in 3rd place in his race, again. This year he started at the front. He's got a lot of speed, he just needs to learn how to maintain an even effort. Pretty cool watching him race. I ran with him for about about 200 meters after the start and then about the same in the last quarter or so for the finish. Didn't really get a decent shot of him running. (need to try some different settings on the camera)

Jogged out to the spot on the 5k course where the runners pass 3 times. It's the T intersection of the new course. About a quarter mile to the T, turn left 180 degree turn and then the one mile point, back past the T at a 1.5 miles out, then another half mile or so another 180 turn, back to the T and then home. Fast, flat course that's for sure. I really like that they eliminated the greenway section. (the 10k course uses it)

I tried out the video mode on the camera, but didn't get the shot I wanted. Lead pack of about 5 runners, and then a couple of runners by themselves and then the preacher by himself and then the rest of the field. The fast guys sure make it look easy. I waited until the W brothers ran by, side by side and then I jogged back to the finish.

Only a few minutes before the lead runner was finishing. His time was a smokin' hot 15:06. Guess the wind didn't slow him down any? Four runners under 16:00. Only a matter seconds between the next 3 places. Fastest 5k finish I've seen in a Nashville race that I can remember. Video I took was kind of choppy, the guys were going by to fast.

The herd ended up with a masters sweep in results, but no free Ice Cream. Only the overall winners of each race got the free ice cream. Well except for the fun run, where the top 3 finishers got an award. Dylan got an MP3 player. EB did get her years worth of ice cream. We didn't hang around long enough to see those awards. To cold with the wind coming off the lake.

Start of the 1 mile fun run. Dylan started at the front this year, versus the back last year. He's behind the kid with the gloves. (he was 2nd)

Raced to the plan. Let everyone go out to fast. Everyone in front of him at this point was toast after less than a quarter mile. He actually listened to the Old Man. The 1st and 2nd runner are out in front, out of the picture. Pulled back to them after everyone else faded.

Just before the turn for the last quarter mile home. 3rd place at this point.

Kick to the finish.