Wednesday, May 4, 2011

20 miles isn't enough of a base

Reality check workout this morning. Met BQ1 and the preacher for a 2 x 2 mile run at 10k pace. Tough workout, but should be doable for someone in training for a 5k. This was the second week of BQ1's buildup for his next 5k. I'm just hanging around trying to do the workouts. Last week I was able to hang on for 90% of the speed workouts. This morning, I couldn't even hang on to 10k pace from the start. It was a struggle to run a single mile at half marathon pace. Holy smokes, the endurance sure does disappear quickly.

This really shouldn't come as a surprise. I've only averaged 20 miles per week in two of the previous three weeks, and 34 miles this past week. I conned myself into believing that riding the bike a couple times a week would make up for the low mileage. It did to an extent. I'm stronger on the hills, but the endurance and turn over is back to almost zero. Pretty evident that low mileage with some cross training doesn't work for me.

No way I could use the FIRST program to run a 5k PR. That's the running program that has you run 3 times a week and cross train on the other days. (30 minute 5k'ers ?, that's not exactly racing) ((turn off snob mode, I'm old and slow to)) I've looked at it in the past and decided it was to intense to attempt alone. The stats look great, "went from a 4:00 marathon to a 3:30". Big freakin' deal. But, I guess it really boils down to the individual. Some runners don't need a lot of miles to run close to their potential. Or the bigger miles really increase the likelihood of getting injured.

I think Jeff's got the right idea. Run relaxed at a fast pace. That's exactly the feeling I've had in races that I've run well. It takes work to get to that point and several different workouts seem to get me to that place. The minute on/off workout seems to get the legs ready for the quicker turnover. Don't seem to have any of that right now. Can't seem to get to 5k pace. Longer runs at half marathon pace seem to be the staple. But, the biggest thing missing right now is the long run. I need to get back up to about a 12-13 mile long run, at a minimum.

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