Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who care's?

Oprah's last show is today or tomorrow or was it yesterday? Regardless, whoopity shit. Never was a fan. Smart woman, made her millions several fold. Never cared for her or her show. Only thing I wanted relating to Oprah, was a marathon time faster than her 4:29 in 1994. My first marathon was in 1996 and it was 3:50 or so. Really struck a nerve with her commercial; it shows clips of a lot of other TV farewell shows. MASH, stood out for me. Big fan of the show and watched the final show. Oprah just doesn't compare to that or any of the other shows in that commercial.

American Idol is coming to an end. Yawn. Watched it last night, even though I said I wouldn't. Just have zero interest in Lauren or Scotty. Haley was my favorite. Surprised she made it as far as she did. Really thought James would have been the winner, but wasn't surprised when he was voted off. Wish I had a brick to throw at Randy for every time he said "in it to win it". No shit. J Lo brought the sex appeal and never really hid who her favorites were. Steven was the bad boy of the bunch. Really enjoyed his off color remarks. This was the first time I've watched the show in the last couple of years.

Who'd have thought a broken collar bone would be so painful. I seem to have just as much pain as day one. It's just not as constant. I've run with a broken toe. I think it was two weeks later. But, still the pain levels were complete opposite. Went out to runningahead to seek the advice of the masses. Looks like a long recovery.

It's been 2 weeks since my accident. Go to the doctor on Friday. Imagine, my prognosis will be to continue with the sling. Alternative would be that it's not healing properly and surgery is needed. Don't see that happening. We'll see if he still thinks I'll be able to run in 4 weeks. Can't imagine trying to run, now. I'm only taking the pain meds at night. Pain is tolerable, but seems to peak towards the end of the day.

The drugs the riders in the Tour take must be some really good stuff. I can't imagine riding with a broken collar bone the day after it happened. (Tyler Hamilton, 2003 TDF broke his collar bone in the 1st stage and went on to finish the tour)Perhaps, now 2 weeks later, if it could be taped into a position that wouldn't move? Actually thought how I could pull that off. Be almost impossible for me to tape on my own. I'm sure Paula wouldn't do the taping either.


Jill said...

I know. Haley was my fav also. But, I'll probably watch the final tonight. And then swear off it. Wastes too much time watching every single week.

Ouch on the collar bone man!! Hope it gets better quickly.

As for Oprah, yeah, glad her big mouth and rear are gone as well. No great loss.

Candice Schneider said...

Hope you heal up soon! Sounds terrible :(

Haley was my favorite as well after Paul and Casey were booted. It makes no sense to me why Lauren is still around. Lots of little girl fans, I guess.

I vote Scotty. He's at least consistently good at what he does.

Old Man said...


glad I watched Idol last night. Durbin rocked with Judas Priest. Haley was awesome. Rest was hohum.

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