Saturday, May 14, 2011


isn't it ironic? blog about staying injury free from running and break my collar bone in a bike wreck.

my running was starting to click, on pace for 30+ miles this week. thursday morning I went for a bike ride. it's getting light enough that I was able to leave the house at 5:30 am and get in an hours worth of riding before work.

only got 2.4 miles down the road before I wrecked. stupid mistake. actually the second time this exact thing has happened. riding down Thompson Lane to get on the greenway at the Thompson lane trail head. crossed over the river and noticed two deer off to my right. glanced over to make sure the gate was open to the trailhead. thought it was open. only slowed enough to make sure no traffic was behind or in front of me. turned left into the trailhead and the DAMN gate was locked. must have done a panic stop and grabbed to much front brake. I went over the handlebars and slammed the ground. guess I laid on the ground a second or two, because some women stopped her car to ask if I was ok. Kinda thought I was at that point. no blood or road rash, shoulder hurt alot. I waved her off and called Paula to come get me.

Bike seems ok. Brake lever is pushed to one side or the handlebar is bent. The chain came off the crank. Doesn't look like any scratches or any other damage. But, that's only the quick assessment while still in a pain medicated stupor.

X-ray at the ER shows a fractured clavicle and separated shoulder. Looks like all of the impact was absorbed by my shoulder. Strange that my jersey wasn't ripped, nor my shorts. Just a little road rash on my hip and shoulder. Gloves did their job, no road rash on my hands. Right hand was bruised enough that it was x-rayed as well. (even though I told them it wasn't necessary)

Just another reminder of the importance of a bike helmet. Luckily, my head never hit the ground. I can only imagine a face first or head first impact.


Lisa said...

Glad it wasnt more serious than that! Ive had nightmares of wrecking like that. :-(

William said...

Sorry to hear that. 4 yrs ago I did something similar and broke my scapula.

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