Sunday, January 1, 2012

6th Annual Dirk's Fat Ass 50k

Little scare first thing this morning. Weather radar showed one rain cell headed towards Murfreesboro. The only rain in the state of Tennessee, crap. Luckily, the rain ended about the time we started. Warm 60 degrees for the 33 runners who started. Only real concern with the weather was how much wind we'd get. Temperatures cooled to maybe 50 degrees. Awesome weather for a long run.

I don't consider myself an Ultra runner. So, it continues to amaze me listening to the different runners stories and races. That's one of the things that make the 50k a great distance. Lots of time to talk with lots of different runners. Only managed to get a few pictures, early. Really should have kept the camera for the second and third loops when the skies really cleared and the sun came out.

Only talked with Joseph a little before we started. He started early and had already run 15 hours. Wow. He ended up running 65 miles total for the day. What a way to start out the new year. (last year, 50k wasn't enough, he ran 33 miles with Lisa and Jennifer)

Lots of ultra veterans on hand again this year. Couple of hardy souls who ran the "Recovery from the Holidays 50k" Saturday and then today's 50k. (Rob, Mike Y.and Mike M.) Didn't realize David held the US 100 mile record for 50-59 year olds. Nor that Sue had run 91 miles in the same race where David just missed the 60 year old record for 100 miles. Seems at least half of the starters have at least 30 or more 50k to 100 mile races on their resume.

Tried to stick to my plan and not give up to much time at the aid station. Didn't do so well, in that regard, almost 15 minutes total, way to much time. Cost me the sub 5:00 hours I was shooting for, but did enable me to stay fueled enough that was able to run the last couple of miles with a little bit of gas in the tank. That's a damn good feeling, compared to some years.

Saw a GUTS sticker in the parking lot, but forgot to ask about it. Georgia plates, from Cobb county. Pretty sure it was Karen and Don. Unfortunately I failed to mention the way under the train tracks, should a train stop on the tracks or you didn't want to wait for it to pass.

Ideally I'd like to find a venue for this run where we could build a fire, have a little bit more shelter from the wind and that would allow beer. Not that I'm really even looking. Pretty hard to beat the logistics of having the start/finish/aid station within 2 miles of one loop and 3 miles of the other loop. The 3 loops aren't that bad. Most of the other Fat Ass races I found have 5 or more loops. Probably helps to keep the costs down and only have a single aid station.

17 finishers this year. David, Sue, Charlie, Dirk, Brittany(1st timer), Mike Y, Kevin, Karl, Paul, Mike G, Lisa, Jennifer, Justin(1st timer), Rob, Mike M, Karen and Don.


Anonymous said...

Good job on your sixth hosting ,l and I assume running,l God bl,ess you and yours. Kevin

Travis said...

Thanks for organizing this run. Had a great 20 mile run and met a lot of new people. Already thinking of doing the whole 50K next year.