Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Running mistake number 99, give or take

Lot's of times I don't think actions all the way through. Sunday, I decided to go caffeine free. Why? I don't know, the fast guys don't drink coffee. I'm not willing to go to the extremes they do with their diets, damn sure not going to give up my beer. Coffee, no biggie, right?

Didn't seem like it Monday morning. Slept in and didn't go for my run. (stopping the running streak sure makes taking days off easy) Drank a cup of green tea and I was good to go. By 10:30, I only had a dull headache. By afternoon, when I was normally sipping that 3rd cup of coffee on the day, the dull ache was increasing. Still, manageable, no pain no gain. The first day has got to be the worst.

Don't know if it was the wind last night or the lack of caffeine. I woke up at least 4 or 5 times during the night. Met the guys for our morning run and my head was pounding. Supposed to run a workout, but the wind was just to strong. (19 mph with 27 mph gusts) Anyway, I felt like crap. Got back to the house and brewed up a pot of coffee. Guess, I'm just weak. I'll keep the coffee.


Lisa said...

Oh my, I refuse to give my coffee. I already have enough headaches.

BQ1 said...

Even the cup in the picture made me think "hmmm. That sure would be good about now."