Thursday, May 17, 2012

No thinking allowed

Only in the USA are you able to sue someone because you can't be bothered to think that maybe that flashy ad on TV or in the magazine isn't reality. DOH! Or maybe it's just the knuckleheads in California are to stoned from smoking their medical marijuana. &^%$#@! are people really that stupid? Or is just crafty folks and sleazy lawyers trying to squeeze some dollars out of whoever* hasn't covered their ass sufficiently?
*Big company deep pockets, right? 

First heard about Nutella on one of the running boards I frequent. Come on, some woman is stupid enough to believe her little angel isn't going to get pudgy eating a chocolate flavored hazelnut spread.

Ferrero, the makers of the creamy chocolate and hazelnut spread, Nutella have settled two class-action lawsuits with consumers who sued over the company’s advertising claims that it was a good-for-you treat.

Then this morning the headline on the local paper is about a shoe company being sued because "the shoes don't really make your tush smaller" This company is going to pay out $50 million, only half of what another shoe company paid to settle claims their shoes strengthened muscles. Absolutely crazy, just think how much the lawyers will be paid.

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Lisa said...

I always thought those sketchers were really UGLY.