Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stones River Greenway

Went for a bike ride on every bit of the greenway system in Murfreesboro on Sunday. Brought the camera along to snap a few pictures. Averaged a whooping 11 mph, because I stopped way to much. Did manage to get in 28 miles. I took all of these pictures from the trail/roadway, without getting off the bike or even unclipping both feet.

The quality of the photos isn't that great. That's the tradeoff for the point and shoot pocket camera that slips in your pocket. Though it seems everyone's smartphones take better pictures than my old camera. I really need to upgrade to a better quality digital camera with more control over the shutter speed and aperture. The picture I took of a blue heron is blurred because I couldn't hold still enough in the low light to get the shot.

You'd think I took a picture of every flower on the greenway. Nope, not even close. I only got about half of what is blooming now. The purple flower I saw last week is gone. Some of this stuff will continue to bloom, some are about done. Some appear to be way early. Like the thistle and blackberries. Didn't think they bloomed this early.

Road ID, try to wear it whenever I ride or run.

Red clover.

Like the purple.

This plant is all over the greenway. Privet, non native invasive plant. Can't say that this picture is privet. Odor is more over powering than the honey suckle and doesn't smell as good.

Big leaved tree with flowers. Thought it was tulip poplar at first, but leaves are wrong.

Surprised this little guy stayed around to even get a shot. Thought it was a baby blue heron, but more likely some type of egret.

To lazy to look up what kind of tree, but the bean looking things stood out.

Honey Suckle, love the smell, but it kills my allergies. It's actually less abundant than whatever the white flowered bush/vine that is all over the greenway.

This guy would just barely stick his head out, and I didn't want to hang around to get his picture. He was gone when I came back through 10 minutes later.

I like rocks and anything built with them.

Think this is Queen Ann's Lace. Tried to get a picture of the ladybugs, which were covering it, but the autofocus didn't work the way I wanted it.
Purple clover
Don't know what the white stuff is, it was all over the trail for about 20 yards. Almost like the stuff that comes from a dandelion, except I'm pretty certain this came from a tree, just not sure what kind.
Just took this because it was a huge tree stump.

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