Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Satisfying sweat

"Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach."
Dr. George A. Sheehan, runner, writer, philosopher

Woke up this morning and decided today was the day to test out the foot. I've been putting it off for the last week or so. It's been fifty days, since I've run. I'm hesitant to start back running, first because of re-injury and the long build up, but mostly because the bike is getting comfortable. I can see why some who take up the bike during a injury, never go back to the run. Tempting but the bike doesn't give the same quick feed back or sense of satisfaction as a good run.

This morning was warm and humid, probably low 60's. The sun was just rising, great day for a run. I'd slept in a extra hour, to take a day off from the bike. Might as well squeeze out a quick 2 mile run. The body was rusty from not running. Very conscious of the injured foot, but other body parts and muscles took awhile to warm up. Funny how quickly a good sweat builds up, even at a very slow pace. The bike doesn't seem to deliver in that regard.

Now comes the tough part. Easing back into the running. Day off tomorrow, back on the bike. Resist the urge to go run with the guys for a easy run. The comeback runs are never easy. Seems the buildup is longer every time. More importantly, this time the run is going to take the back seat to the bike. Short runs and lots of days off. I still plan to get the Century checked off the bucket list.

I did notice the quads seem to really complain about the hills on the bike. Didn't really notice until I was stretching this morning after my slog. They were a bit sore the day after Saturdays long bike ride, but it's been three days. Perhaps I need to do some kind of stretching at least after the long bike rides. More miles on the bike really pay off quickly. My average pace is inching upward, the hills aren't as tough.

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