Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Comeback no.177.2

Here I go again. Week 3 of the latest running comeback. First week back, two runs for a total of 9.5 miles. Week two, three runs for a total of 15 miles. Longest run 6 miles. Did that again this morning, but wore the heart rate monitor for shits and giggles. Pushed the pace for a couple of miles but that's about all I had in me. Pace per mile: 8:43 and 8:47 at a maximum heart rate of 156. It's going to be another long slow process to get back to where that same 156 heart rate is good for a 7:00 mile. Hard to even fathom at this point.

Had to dig a bandanna out of the drawer for my run. Must be because I'm running so slow, but the sweat has been pouring into my eyes on the last several runs. Maybe when I'm running quicker it evaporates or is blown back? Plus, even though the heat wave has subsided, the rain over the last week or so has made it very humid at the crack of dawn. Still sleeping in until 4:30 am, not quite ready to get up at 3:30 am and run with the fellas. I wouldn't be able to keep up yet, anyway.

Hope to be ready to run with the fellas in another week or so. Won't make it back before we lose one of our regulars. One of the guys said he was the CEO of Optimism for our group. Fitting title, I'd always thought of him as Mr. Sunshine. He's the kinda guy who makes running in a pouring rain enjoyable. I'm gonna miss him. Seems like where ever I live the regular group of folks I run with build a strong core group. Always adding a new member, but also losing one as well. Running folks are the best.

16 year old shorts (before Verizon Wireless)(a)
Note (a). Took a picture of these before they go into the trash. Soft cotton shorts from when I lived in Atlanta. I worked in several different buildings over the years, but the best was the corporate campus that was built in Alpharetta. One of the nice perks was a onsite health center. This was all just before the Bell Atlantic merger with GTE and PrimeCo and the rebranding as Verizon Wireless.


Lisa said...

What time do you start running if you are up at 3:30am? It takes me at least 10-15 mins to even think about getting dressed. ha!

Old Man said...

4:30 am. Takes 30 minutes to wake up and get coffee.