Saturday, July 14, 2012

The fall of Lance

Ok, so Lance Armstrong filed a complaint against the USADA that was rejected within a day or so by the judge. His new complaint is reviewed here by 150 Watts of Awesome. Wish she gave a cliff notes summation, but basically Lance is screwed. He'll probably lose his title's. (my reading into her analysis) He won't be allowed to compete in triathlons. Never mind that he's retired, past his prime and in the old man age group in any competition.

The "I've been tested over 500 times", has risen to over 600 times in the above reviewed new complaint. Disputed here and other places that I didn't bother to research. Plus, they weren't all negative. What? Little bit of EPO, some testosterone. No positives, really? But, we can't believe any of that right? Just because its on the interwebs doesn't make it true.

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin has now filed a letter questioning the authority of the USADA. What bike is produced  designed and developed in Wisconsin? What bike does Lance ride? Good thing Wisconsin's representatives are so concerned with a retired bike rider, who lives in Texas. Couldn't Lance get a Texas representative or Congressman on his side? Where's the love for Lance.

Once the tour is over this year, will more "witnesses" emerge? More skeletons come rolling out of the closet. Will George and Levi stand by him? This could get really ugly.

As much as I've thought this has been a witch hunt against Lance, I guess if you're a doper you should expect to be outed at some point. Cycling will continue without Lance, United States interest will probably continue to fade even more than it has since he retired. One "reporters" analysis of this years tour. The tour is 2 weeks in, and I've only seen one stage. Still love cycling. I'd love to go ride on any part of the routes the Tour has taken in its 100 plus years.

Guess the one big question that will be answered in the coming months. How much will Lance lose monetarily? How much does he have to lose? Couple of million? Less?

Still a fan of Lance but the luster continues to fade. I've always wanted to believe he didn't dope. Even if he loses his titles and some money, (surely they can't take it all) I'll be one of the Lance Fan boys. Just not as boisterous as some on the interwebs.

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