Saturday, July 28, 2012

Running is stupid

Not really the act so much, as some of the dumb things runners attempt. Like this morning, 20.9 miles shouldn't be that difficult. But, if the longest run you've done in the last 3 weeks was only 10 miles. Pretty dumb, especially when that was only yesterday. Got the idea for this little stunt from Strava. They have this challenge going on for July 27-29 to run 50k. Seeing as my last Strava challenge was a bust, this latest one was right in my wheel house.

Got up early, so I could get out the door by 5 am. In hindsight, probably should have started an hour earlier. Made sure I had a hand held water bottle, three gels, and six Succeed caps. Planned on taking the gels at 8 miles, 12 miles and 16 miles. The S-caps, I'd take every 5 miles.(brought extras) Decided to run from the house to the Stones River greenway, instead of in the country. That way I'd only be on the road for 2.5 miles each way, the rest on the greenway. The advantage of the greenway; lots of shade and a bathroom/water fountain at 4 miles, 6 miles and 8 miles on the way out and then again on the loop back.

Johnny's version of "Hurt" puts the Nine Nails version to shame.

Had to have a treasure hunt before I even left the house. My headphones weren't working with my mp3 player. One of the ear buds had already stopped working and of course now the other wasn't either. Least it happened before I left the house. Got out the door and probably only lost 5 minutes.

Started out slow and never really ever picked up the pace. 10 minute miles for the first six miles. By mile seven the sun was up enough to blast through the trees and it started heating up. I'd already taken my first S-cap at 5 miles. First gel at 8 miles was a Vanilla Bean flavored GU. Yuck, thicker than toothpaste, had to wash it down with water. Made a dumb mistake at the turnaround at 10.45 miles. (need 20.9 miles to get 50k) Instead of taking my S-cap, I took another gel. This one was a pineapple flavored Roctane GU. Just as nasty as the other GU. Took a little while to get back going again. That's way I don't like stopping.

So at this point I'm at the turn around point, 10.45 miles out. Half way home. I hadn't stopped to refill my water bottle yet. Did make that stop at 12 miles. The water was really cold at the water fountain. Also, re-wet the bandana around my neck and wrung out the one around my head. Shorts were completely drenched. Good thing everything had been lubed before I left the house. Decided to take my last gel at 14 miles, that should be good enough to get me home. It was a Hammer tropical flavored with caffeine. The first of the morning. Really hoped it would pick me up, because it was really warm.

Didn't stop at the next water stop. Thought it would be tough to get back going again. Should have made the stop. Within the next mile everything fell apart. Started to get dizzy. Uh oh. Started walking. Don't think I was dehydrated, though at this point I had stopped sweating. Fingertips were getting tingly. Finished off my water bottle. Lots of folks out on the greenway, figured I'd just walk to the next water stop and call the wife. Ended up walking 2.5 miles. Didn't get the 20.9 miles, only 17.5 miles. Maybe I'll run this evening or tomorrow morning to get the last 3.4 miles of the 50k. Now that would be stupid.

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