Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Diesel ?

Ended last week with 53 miles on six days of running. The miles are where I wanted them, just not the fitness. I'm 10 days out from the Middle Half marathon that I know won't be a race effort. The fitness just isn't coming back like I thought it would. Granted I've only been running for ten weeks. Thought the bike workouts would have helped more. Seems like I've been converted to a diesel motor, lots of low end torque, but no speed.

I did manage to get my heart rate down to 35 bpm this morning before attempting a workout with the guys. BQ1 and Peeman did 3 miles worth of  tempo at half marathon pace minus 30 seconds or something that I had no notion of even attempting. Really thought I'd be able to hang with BQ2. Didn't quite work out that way, but still pleased with the effort. Pace was only about a 7:15 average for five miles at 155 bpm. Guessing that means I should be able to run the half marathon at about that pace? 

Or I could just hobby jog the half. Maybe go out at at 8:00 pace for the first 6 miles or so and then pick it up all the way home. I've only done that one other time at the Music City Half . Just hate the thought of showing up at a race and not being able to race.Especially since the guys are in such good shape. I'd really like to try and race them. Tried it in 2010 at the Middle Half when I was better shape and it wasn't much fun the last few miles home.

Bigger goal is still the Flying Monkey Marathon. Maybe a 3:30 is possible. 

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Lisa said...

I'm hoping I can escape the in laws next weekend & come out to cheer the Murf 1/2. Thanks for the words of support! ;-)