Wednesday, October 24, 2012

less than 4 weeks

Yikes, the Monkey Marathon is going to kick my ass this year. My time at the Middle Half equates to about a 3:24 with the old, double your half time, plus 10 minutes. McMillan says 3:25. I'm thinking 3:30 if everything goes to plan. That's 8:00 miles, about where I'm at on the 18 milers this cycle. Gave up on trying to run 20 milers, it just wasn't happening. No use trying to squeeze in a couple now.

Seems like I'm about 4-8 weeks out from where I should be fitness wise in this buildup. But, starting from scratch, it is what it is. I've been back out to Saddle Drive two times to do some hill repeats. Seems like that's helping with the strength on the hills. Still don't have any turnover. I skipped the track workout the guys had this morning. Sure don't want to risk getting hurt trying to keep up with them.

Be interesting to see if I can get any kind of turbo effect from the cooler weather forecast for this weekend. The low is going to be in the upper 30's with a north wind. Marathon weather. I haven't had a successful fast finish long run yet. Last weekend's 18 miler was a slog after running the middle miles at 8:00 pace.

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