Sunday, October 7, 2012

marathon weather

Finally the kind of weather that's perfect for training for a marathon. At least the last 2 days anyway. Dreary, gray skies once the sun rose, even though it never did shine. Temperatures in the upper 40's. Only downside is the wind. It always seems to kick my ass. I'd like to rationalize that eventually it's at your back.(though it never seemed like it today)

Got 62 miles on six days of running this week. Probably will go ahead and start another running streak only because its the only way I'm going to get up to 70 miles per week. It's only 6 weeks out from the Flying Monkey Marathon. Only 5 more long runs. This could be really ugly.

Today's long run was only 17 miles. Planned on doing 18, but only got 2 miles done before the guys showed up. They all seem to be at the peak of their cycle or ready to start a sharpening phase. Another hilly route with me only able to hang for a few miles before the pace was to quick. Hell, I wasn't even done running/slogging before they were driving home. Did take a succeed cap at 7 miles and again at 14 miles, because my foot was cramping. That's the first time in the last 3 weeks worth of long runs that I've taken a succeed. Odd, because it was a cool morning. Must have been the quick pace chasing the guys?

Sure will be nice when everyone is on the same training cycle. Probably won"t be until spring. Most of the guys are going to Boston. That will be a great chance to train for another sub 3:00 attempt. Though realistically we never train for the same races. I'm the only one dumb enough to do the Monkey. The W bro's will get a dose of the hills at PWP this spring. That's always the true test of fitness, the double of the 11.2.

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