Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow run

First and last snow run of 2012. Met the fella's at the Kroger's parking lot in the 'boro and caravaned to Percy Warner Park. Light dusting of snow on the ground in the Park. Cold 24 degrees, but no wind. We stayed together until the bottom of 3 mile hill. Fast guys motored on, I waited on the other guys. That was the last I saw of the fast guys. I went solo at mile 4.7 or so heading over to Edwin Warner Park. Still going without water or gels on these long runs.

I'll have to get a map of Edwin Warner, I turned around early because I was afraid of getting lost. I'd been on two different trails and maybe two different roads. The trails weren't as worn as those in Percy Warner. Thought I'd see the fast guys coming back, but never did see them. Lot's of deer, so many that I stopped counting and twice as many squirrels.

Because I'd turned around a mile early, I thought the fast guys were behind me. So, I stopped at the turn for Luke Leah overlook and made a sign out of branches. Primitive stuff, sticks to make a arrow pointing left and four sticks to make LL. Surprised when I finished at the Stone Gates and the first group of guys had already left and the fast guys where in the van warming up. Geez, they got 16 miles and I only got 14.5.

Stopped at the Donut Den on the way back to the 'boro. Phil brought in his new recovery roller. Pretty smart design. That thing is great for hitting all of the tight spots in your legs and even the glutes. I'll have to put that on my list for my birthday. Can't find the website, only the picture above. He read about it in Running Times.

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