Wednesday, March 27, 2013


She's a bitch or he's a bastard.

Looking through my log, 'cause that's what wannabe runners do. Entry below from 5 days before breaking my foot.

"still cold, still spitting rain. big group. supposed to be 3 miles at 5k pace plus a minute. fuck that. time for some marathon specific stuff. target 6:52 for the 3 miles. close enough, for the first attempt. finally a decent workout. hell, it took long enough. 14-15 weeks out. lots of time to build. plus did 4 x 30 second hill repeats off the hill on the square."
 Mile 4  6:53
 Mile 5
 Mile 6   6:53

Didn't need my Garmin. Just went by effort, didn't look at the watch, until I downloaded it. Didn't need a heart rate monitor. Great to run with the group. Everyone doing their own thing. Some leading, some chasing.

I miss it.

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