Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One slog at a time

Finally back running. It's only been 46 days. Wore the heart rate monitor to have a starting back bench mark. Average heart rate 145 bpm at an average pace of ....................drum roll......................10:56 per mile for a whooping 2.1 miles. Damn. Another long build up.

First day of spring is tomorrow. For some reason I thought it was today. Birds sure acted like it was spring, they were singing and chirping even before the sun was up. Tad chilly at 34 or so degrees. Glad to be back running. The bike trainer just doesn't cut it for me. Love riding the bike on the roads, but that hasn't really been much of a option the last couple of weeks.

Guessing I'll be ready to attempt a run with the fellas in a couple of weeks. Probably about the time they come back from Boston.


BQ1 said...

I feel your pain brother. 68 days off.

Old Man said...


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