Tuesday, March 5, 2013

spring fever

It's been six weeks since I broke my foot. Decided to stop wearing the boot on Saturday. Hopefully the doctor will agree, should I elect to go see him next week. Also went ahead and shaved, below before and after shots. I've been trying to grow my hair out, you know like Fabio or any of those long haired hippie looking dudes. Isn't working. Actually the hair on my face grows quicker than the hair on my head. Bleah.
Scary old man

Still riding the bike trainer. I hadn't been wearing my cycling shorts, only because I was only on the thing for 30 minutes. Forty minutes and it hurts my rear end. Maybe because, I'm just not use to being in the saddle. Went ahead and put on the shorts this morning for my forty minute ride to nowhere. It may have helped a little. I think the bigger issue is getting out of the saddle. Did about 3 minutes worth of 15 second out of the saddle jumps to change things up. That may be the thing that's missing to make this trainer stuff tolerable. I may be tempted to go ahead and ride outside in the dark instead of on the trainer to nowhere.

Brewed a batch of beer on Sunday with son number one. Went back to a malt extract kit instead of all grain. Only because we didn't want to drive into Nashville for ingredients and we wanted to see what the local brew/wine shop stocked. (Lets make wine) They are located off the square in a old house.

Son number two is really getting good with the skateboard. He's a better skater than all of the teenagers in our neighborhood.  We went back out to the local HS to get a video of him doing his thing. Attached is his edited version. Pretty amazing what these kids are capable of doing with computers.

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