Monday, July 29, 2013

Mild summer

Really enjoying the mild summer temperatures, the rain not so much. Usually by this time of the year my yard would be scorched and only need mowing every other weekend. This summer it's out of control after a week. Does make for some great wildflowers on the long run. Everything is super green.

Sunday's long run was the second day with temps in the low 60's. Incredible for summer time in Middle Tennessee. Even the humidity was down, or maybe it was the slight breeze. Either way, great morning for a 12 mile run. BQ1 picked the route to avoid hills, no real climbs just a few rolls. Really hard to hold back the pace on the run. Did run a mile at around old marathon pace, just to catch the fast guys in the last mile home. 7:04 pace and it felt really comfortable. Think that's the pace I'll target going forward for T pace.

Runs like sunday, really make me think a sub 3:00 is still possible. Long shot, definitely but still a realistic goal. Short term goal is to attempt the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey lottery. Still would like to run a 3:30 on that course. If that doesn't pan out, maybe another sub 3:00 attempt at Rocket City.

No track work in the week ahead. Just 2 workouts at T pace. Tuesday will be 4 x 1 mile at T pace with 3 minute recovery. Friday will be 40 minutes of  adjusted T pace, the same workout I did last Friday. The pace continues to come down. Two weeks ago it was at 7:11 pace, this past week 7:06 pace. The big difference in this Jack Daniels stuff versus McMillan is the length of the workout. Jack never really seems to go past about 40 minutes of work, McMillan went up to about 1 hour and 15 minutes worth, in 10 minute increments. I"m still stuck in the past, everyone else is doing Pfitz or Hanson or the other latest marathon plan of the week. Old dog, new tricks and all.

Also need to start increasing the distance of the long runs. The past couple of weeks have been 12 milers. No need for water at that distance or gels or even a Succeed cap with the low temps. Did a couple of 14 milers in June. I needed the water and succeed in the heat. I'd like to get up to about 15 miles without the need for water or succeed, if the temperatures cooperate.

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