Thursday, November 6, 2008


Could see the importance of recovery in this mornings tempo workout. Last weeks tempo effort the day after 8 miles at real marathon pace wasn't an adequate recovery run. Yesterday's easy 5 miles didn't take anything out of this mornings tempo workout. Average pace was 6 seconds quicker per mile and perceived effort was "comfortably hard" versus "feels like a 5k" last week. Speedy and PS, pulled me through the workout this morning. Almost the exact same course as last week, rolling hills, but nothing compared with the hills of PWP.

First run with PS, he's training for Rocket City. He's about the same level of runner as Speedy and FM2. I just chase after these guys and try to keep them in sight. Be good to get someone else to run with us during the week.

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evanAK said...

It is all about recovery. When I di back to back hard it takes a lot out of me.