Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dirk's Fat Ass 50k III

Started thinking about the 3rd running of the Dirk's Fat Ass 50k, a couple of weeks ago. Puppymeat shot me an email last night and wondered if it's still a go. I'll be out on January 1 running a 50k from General Bragg's HQ at 8 am. I need redemption for my DNF last year. Come out and join me.

Last year we had 14 runners. The inaugural run we had 6 runners. 30 runners this year would be a success. The course will remain the same, 3 loops on the asphalt of the Stones River Greenway and Stones River Battlefield. I'll use the General Bragg Headquarters as the staging, start and finish area. This is an unofficial race, no entry fee, no bibs, no times, no awards, no wimps, just the satisfaction of starting off 2009 with 50k in your log book. Or just one loop for 10 miles or 2 loops for 20 miles. We had some folks do different distances.

The course starts at the General Bragg HQ in Murfreesboro, TN. The course out to the battlefield is basically a lollipop. One mile to the battlefield, a two mile loop and the one mile return to the pavilion at Bragg. From there, a six mile out-and-back to Cannonsburgh. Each loop is around 10 miles and only minor elevation changes, no real hills. Bathrooms at the battlefield, the start and at Cannonsburgh.

Report from Fat Ass 50k III


Anonymous said...

Good luck sunday!!
Hopefully you will still be able to walk on monday! (if a monkey doesn't get you ;-p)

Jacob C.

Lisa said...

You know your ONLY goal on Sunday should be getting finished before kick off, right? :P

Jill said...

You should market the FA 50k to runners more. Email the FF and other stores and ask them to put it on their websites and email letters. Also, what if you tell GNAC and Acme Multisports?

I wanted to do it last year but didn't find info until it was too late.

See you Sat!!

Let me know if I can help at all.

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

Thanks, I am the monkey! ha

Going to be a great football game.

The FA50k is low key, if I had a t-shirt with the FA pig then I could go mainstream.

Anonymous said...

Alright Dirk!
It was a great way to start the new year. I only did 8 but it was good to have the group. I think around 20 runners? How did the picture turn out?


runjenrun said...

Thanks Dirk! I really enjoyed your run!I met and Ran with some very interesting people.I had 20 miles of perfect weather and a yummy finish with your famous Chicken dumpling!The only soreness I had was a tender black & blue knee and arm when I slipped on a sneaky patch of ice around my 6th mile. The good thing is that my favorite running pants did not tear:)
I will definetly be back for the next one!