Sunday, May 17, 2009

new hill route

GW took me on a new hill route this morning. We only did 9 miles, but plenty of hills. Probably get the subdivision names wrong, but we did Briarwood and Bandywood, plus Saddle Drive. Those were the 3 big hills. I don't have the hill on the Moon Pie race on my Garmin, so I can't really compare. These didn't seem as steep, nor as long. I'll try and talk the guys into going out and running the Moonpie course one time before race day.

Found a map on motionbased of the moonpie course. The climb on "The Hill" is about a quarter mile and 100 foot of rise or 7.6% grade. The top is at about 1,050 foot, the race starts at 850 foot and rolls for the first four miles, until you hit the hill. After the hill it's a flat couple of miles and then the last 2 miles are rolling to a downhill finish. Great course for a negative split. Looks like Saddle Drive is pretty comparable to the hill at Moon pie.

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