Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'll miss the gravel

Looks like the first new section of greenway from Old Fort Park towards Barfield Crescent Park is about to be paved. I started running on it around August of 2008. They've started to put the fill dirt on the sides of the sections which have already been paved or concreted. They are pouring some new concrete sections just before the I-24 overpass. This section is probably the lowest section of the new trail. It had been completely washed away by all of the winter rains.

No new progress that I could see on the section under Hwy 99/New Salem Hwy towards Barfield Crescent. This portion to just behind the World Outreach Church is still just a dirt path. Hopefully this section will start to be developed and turned to gravel once they've paved the other section. The new trailhead on the other side of the Stones River appears to be just about finished. The parking lot has been paved. No grass seed or sod has been laid, but everything else appears to be finished. Link to plans.

Found plans for another trail this morning. It's part of an existing horse trail from the Walter Hill dam. I tried running this trail last summer and got lost. I ended up using my Garmin to find my way back on the roads. I'll need to go out this winter and try it again. I did see alot of horses out last week, so perhaps its' runnable now. It was pretty overgrown or I wasn't actually on the trail.

Making plans for the next race after Moon Pie. Think I'll try for a fast 10k at the Chikin Run 10k. I haven't run a decent 10k, there just aren't that many around the Middle Tn area. Look forward to having one in Murfreesboro. Nice to have some local races in Murfreesboro, without having to travel to Nashville. The course is pretty flat, should be fast. Big plus that the loop around the Battlefield is where we've been doing tempo runs for the last couple of years.

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