Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Did some hill repeats in the rain this morning. Warmer than yesterday, around 40 degrees, but a harder, steadier rain. Couple of different hills in the Murfreesboro area for hill repeats. I usually run on Saddle Drive. It's about a 7.5% grade hill for about a quarter mile. MTSU runners use to run it back in the day. Don't know what they do now.

Excerpt from this thread on the Striders board regarding the hills in Rutherford County.

very interesting stuff. from a rutherford county perspective.

Grade = rise / distance

1% = 53 / 5280

1% grade for a 53 foot rise over one mile

3 mile Hill at PWP 6.00%

Nine mile Hill at PWP 4.73%

Bert Bergen Hill 7.58%

Saddle Drive 7.58%

Short Mtn. 10.73%

Tiger Hill 4.68%

For hill repeats a quarter mile rise works very well. Saddle Drive is a good one. Quarter mile rise, recover on the backside and repeat. Short Mtn and Tiger hill are probably to long.

I've never run Tiger Hill, but sure seems steeper than Saddle Drive, its just to far from the house.


Stacey Huston said...

My sons 5th grade class has been trying to qualify for a marathon at school.. he us up to 21miles so far.. he is obsessed with seeing how many miles he can run this school year.. Glad that he is so active..

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