Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Break away

Watched a few stages of the Tour de Suisse last week. Some guy named Lance Armstrong finished second overall, with Frank Schleck taking the overall win. Lots of great scenery and drama. Lots of big names riding and a couple of serious crashes. Really gets the bike bug going. I've ridden my bike three times now in the month of June. Time to get in some serious bike time in preparation for the Tour de France.

Sunday was the second day of bike riding the day after the RC Cola Moon Pie Race. The race was typical for this time of year; hilly, hot and humid. The bike is different, don't really seem to feel the heat as much until you stop. The greenway was packed with runners and walkers. I don't care to ride on the greenway for just that reason, but wasn't quite ready to head out into the country for the open road and hills.

Monday, I decided to head out for the country. No more slow cruising on the greenway and dodging the runners and walkers. Though you do have to be aware of the cars, but mainly just on the way out of town. Forgot how much fun it is blasting down a hill and leaning into a curve at 30 mph. That's the big payback you get for suffering up a hill on the bike. Don't really get that when you're running. I rode the Spain Hill loop which has almost become a running staple the last couple of months. I only got up to about 41 mph coming off the big hill, but that was without really any pedal on the descent, just a tuck and fly. Great to have the wind blowing in your face.

One of the down sides to riding the bike versus running is the time to get out the door and even the time in the saddle. Biking is some much more time intensive. But, it's the simplicity of running that has me hanging up the shoes for a week or so this time. I can't understand why the same brand and size of shoe can wear so dramatically different. This third pair of shoes has one foot hurting after every run. I thought they were worn out but the sole actually has lots of tread left. I made the mistake of wearing them for the race on Saturday, after feeling better and not wearing them for the last couple of weeks. You'd think I'd learn by now............

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