Sunday, June 27, 2010

real hill *

Bike ride number four for the month. Met G. at the MTSU parking lot across from the frat houses. He rode from home and had already ridden 4 miles. Pretty humid morning but not to warm. I'd forgotten how much shade this particular route had compared to some of the others I've ridden. Lots of little hills and twisty roads. Little to no cars on the way out. (mostly because we started at 6 am)

Rode all the way to the top of the hill at Burks Hollow road this time. This was only the second time I've ridden up the hill. This time though we went all the way to the top. The elevation is 1,367 feet according to the Tennessee County High Point web site. Rode the brakes almost the entire way down because of the 90 degree turn with gravel. Actually went faster down Rock Hill road.

Short Mountain in Cannon county appears to be the closest high point at 2,096 feet. All of the other adjacent counties high points are about the same as the one in Rutherford county. No telling how the roads are leading up to or close to those points. Think that will be the next "hill" climb bike ride. Need to get some more time in the saddle before I'll be ready to attempt that ride. I don't even know if the road up is paved. I talked with someone once and I think he said it was gravel?

It's been a week now since I've run. The foot seems better, may try it out tomorrow. Really enjoy riding the bike. Going to try and get a couple rides in a week and maybe attempt the Hot 100 on august 21st. Maybe even the 100 mile route.

* Edit to add, for the middle Tennessee area as reminded by the fast master.

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