Tuesday, June 15, 2010

humbling heat

The heat and humidity the last several days have been mind numbing. Temperatures in the uppper 90's and super soaker humidity levels. The only edge I may have is getting out in the heat every day for a couple of hours with the boys while we've been fishing. Though throwing the casting net and wading in the creek or river doesn't really count as fishing. Guess the time spent building LuAnn's pergalo on Saturday, helped as well.

I've been doing speedwork for the 16th Annual RC Cola Moonpie 10 mile race. Even doing one speed workout a week in the heat, with EB's help again. 2 weeks ago, I decided to sit out the race. I really enjoy the race. Racing 10 miles in the heat, not so much fun. After our long run on Sunday, I was even more convinced I didn't want to race.

I've decided to run Moonpie. This will be the 4th time. Wishy, washy, huh? It'll be to warm to race, so plan to go out easy and then pick it up after the hill. Tried that last year and it was a success only in the fact that I did run a negative split. Main goal this time out will be to start slow. No warmup before the race. Start at the back of the pack and chit chat and have a good time until we reach the hill and then it's go time. (if the heat hasn't sucked all of my energy by then)

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