Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Running lately has been in a funk. Aches and pains seemed to have disappeared lately but that was only part of what's been going on the last couple of months. Plantar Fascia only talked back a little bit this morning. Just haven't really been able to pinpoint the problem. Speed workouts have been pretty good actually. Long runs seem to be a lot of work, but mostly because I'm trying to keep up with the faster guys. Some of it is the warm weather, it just slows me down.

One thing is for certain past performance is only a indicator of potential not a standard that can be readily recalled. That was really evident in this mornings workout. Yesterday, I overslept and never did do a speed workout or even a slog. This morning I planned on some kind of speed workout, at least a progression run or tempo workout. Ended up only running 4 miles worth of steady state at slightly quicker than my old marathon pace. Just couldn't seem to get the legs to turn over any quicker and the breathing was way to labored.

Shoes seem to need replacement. That's about the only thing left to change to account for the soreness in my feet. I'd thought a stress fracture was forming in my 3rd metatarsal, yet again. That's the reason for several days off and even the one day off per week the last month or so. I've been alternating shoes every other run, so typically no successive days of running in the same shoes. In the past, my shins were usually the first indicator of worn out shoes. Strange.

It's all relative though. Stepped off the curb this morning and rolled my ankle, but still able to loosen it up enough for a mediocre speed workout. Only after the battery on the mp3 player crapped out and I fought the swarms of mosquito's. As I finished my workout this workout it all was good, some poor commuter on their way to work drove by with a flat tire slapping the ground. At least I'm still running, slowly.

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Anonymous said...

Only four miles ? That's four miles more than I ran! The reason you are in a funk is that you are a Hayes, and you were taught that you self worth is dependant upon what you do, not who you are, a child of the most high God.Kevin