Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Piles of cicadas

It appears the onslaught of cicadas is starting to taper off. They've been so thick in places, that the piles were deeper than most of the snow falls we get around here. Least it seemed that way from the one's blown up against the interstate dividing walls. One of our dogs likes to eat them and the others are scared of them. They were attracted to the noise of my saw this weekend when I was cutting up some wood. Pretty freaky when they would swarm around me while the saw was buzzing.

Week 3 in waiting for my collar bone to heal. I've been walking so I don't go completely crazy from not running. It's not the same, but it's better than nothing. Stopped bringing the dogs because they're to slow. I did find out the other day, how much movement is enough to aggravate my shoulder. Didn't realize how much motion is in the arm swing when walking. Running would add even more directions of movement. Crap.

Haven't really gained much weight, only about 5 pounds. The walks help some, but mostly I've cut back on portions. The appetite just isn't as great, as when I'm running. Did start back drinking coffee during the day at work since my injury. Once, I get back to running I'll cut that out and just go back to the one cup in the morning.

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