Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ten pounds

May try and lift one of these, instead of carrying it on my belly.

Time to get back to the running. The shoulder has almost completely healed. Still sore after a run, more so on the bike. The range of motion is back 100%. Just can’t pick up anything of any weight. Typing on the computer all day long aggravates it as well.

Never realized how much extra effort is needed to push those extra pounds. I’d been pretty lucky on not gaining any weight when I wasn’t running. But, the combination of only a couple of runs and eating way more processed food than normal packed on close to ten pounds in the last two weeks.

I’d been pretty good, up until we went on vacation. Only managed to get one run on vacation and it was tough, eighty degrees and a ocean breeze. Didn’t follow the lemmings and run barefoot on the beach.

This morning I attempted to pick up the pace and my old long run pace felt almost like a tempo effort. Ugh. I thought the heat was what had been slowing me down. That, plus the lack of running.

Also, reinforced the notion that most runners are pretty healthy and don’t get any sympathy when they tell someone they’ve put on a few pounds. I know when a fellow runner complains they’ve put on weight, most of the time it’s only obvious to them. Same for me.

Props to the Big Horse. He’s run 8 straight sub 3:00 marathons at 200 plus pounds. Simply amazing. I’ve been following his blog since he went sub 3:00 at the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon.


tmac said...

from an "old" runner. sounds like my history of 21 yrs of serious running world wide on business tours...and the kids tell me from my old and fogotten logs...almost 40,000 miles....keep at it, but run safe and well!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've never run a marathon under my current #225, and never run a marathon over 3:00. Oh. I probably should have just written I have never run a marathon.I am shooting my little Beretta 21A 22 at 25+ yards and staying on a 10 inch pie plate most of the time Good job getting back into the groove. God bless you. Kevin