Friday, June 10, 2011


Yesterday was my first day back running. (4 weeks since my accident) Planned on only going 2 miles when I headed out the door. Once I got going , I rationalized that I'd already been walking 4 miles every day, might as well run that far. Ended up running 5 miles. Shoulder wasn't that sore while I was running. Actually more arm swing when I was walking. Even though my pace was slower than my typical ultra shuffle, I still managed to work up a sweat. Felt great to get the heart rate elevated. Sure wasn't getting that from walking.

Today I got back on the bike. Little discomfort at first but tolerable. Shoulder was more sore on the bike than from the run. Only managed a little more than 10 miles. Rode past the locked gate and kept on going. Easy to see what kind of speed I was going when I hit the ground. Probably at least 20 mph. Wouldn't think that would be enough speed to break something?

Pretty certain I broke the hamate in my right hand. Doctor looked at it on my last visit, but I didn't get it x-rayed again. They said it wasn't broken when they took the x-ray in the ER. It's still pretty sore. Not much they can do for it anyway. Still can't figure out how it hit the pavement.


Lisa said...

My poor bike is hanging in the garage with lots of dust on it right now. I doubt I'll have time to take it out this summer. :(

William said...

Heal fast. You're not the only one. I heard from Mark Carver that he ripped a hamstring running a 200m race in a pentathalon so badly he couldn't walk for a week. He's out for the track season.