Sunday, July 24, 2011

26 days

The running streak is at 26 days. It's getting easier. This mornings long run was hot and humid for the first 9 miles. Glad to have a big group to chase. The last 3 miles were pretty tough. Pace is better, but need to start taking a succeed cap before the next long run.

Amy Winehouse is gone. Such a waste of talent. Really enjoyed her voice. Looks like the 27 club has added another member.

The Tour de France finished this morning. Didn't even watch the last day. Cadel Evans finally won it all. He toasted the Schleck's in the time trial yesterday. Never was a fan of Cadel, took me awhile to figure it was him they were referring to as Cuddles on the forums. I just didn't enjoy watching him race as much as Andy Schleck. Though, I will have to admit, he put it all out on the last 2 stages in the Alps.

Yesterday, the brothers W and I rode up the Rutherford county version of Alp de'Huez. It's only about 10-12% grade, but only about 15 miles from MTSU. Tougher climb than I remembered. That's just about the right distance of bike ride, for a runner who isn't biking very often. We saw another copperhead on the road, think we've seen one every time we go out in that hollow. Don't know if it's because of the hills or lack of traffic? Must be the lack of traffic. Local farmer was shot and killed this weekend in that hollow.


Lisa said...

I wasn't surprised by her death at all but I thought it would be Lindsay Lohan next.

Anonymous said...

Snakes are benificial, but I normally exterminate poisonous ones in the proximaty of people. The minx is a liitle large for jogging, but the NAA22 with the folding holster grip is surprisingly accurate and has a slightly bigger brother available in 22WMF. I prefer 22lr as a box is still less than $20, and use shotgun shells at 12 feet for targets. God bless you. Kevin