Sunday, July 31, 2011

maintaining the base

no idea what that says, other than its in German.(closest I can get, "the new freedom of speech")

Still in base building mode before the next marathon. Time to get out the schedule and put it to pencil on the calendar. Should be about 19 weeks out from Rocket City. That gives me 3 weeks to maintain a base of about 40 miles per week before starting to increase the miles and intensity of the workouts. I've averaged 40 miles per week for the last 3 weeks.

Today was the longest, long run in quite some time. The W brothers and I ran 14 miles. Decided that's just a little to far in the base building phase. All the other guys turned around at 5 miles or before. Think I'll stick to about 13 miles for the next 3 weeks. The average pace continues to improve. But, the biggest help this morning was taking a succeed cap and drinking a sports drink during the run. Also, helped to down a powergel at 7 miles.

Looking forward to the boost from the cooler weather. That probably won't happen until early September? Hard to believe how far I've got to go in this cycle. I'm still thinking sub 3:00. BQ1 has already started his Rocket City buildup. His brother is going to start at 16 weeks, like me. They're both way ahead of me in the fitness curve. Tough work for me to hang with them on the workouts. Sure makes the easy days more enjoyable.

Oh, yeah and the silly streak thing. Still going. Today was day 33.

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