Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the heat is off

Somebody at USA Today was asleep when this image came across their desk.

Looks like the heat has broken, at least for the next week anyway. Yesterdays run at dawn was hot and humid. It was 78 degrees or so when I left the house and probably lower 80’s by the time I got home. First time I’ve had to stop at 3 miles to catch my breath, even though I was only going about 2 minutes per mile slower than my normal easy pace. (10 minute miles) Today, 72 degrees and about a minute per mile quicker and I could breath. Aaaaggghhhh.

You know it’s hot outside when the critters that normally enjoy basking in the sun are trying to come inside. In the last 2 days at work we’ve had blue tailed skinks and a snake, inside the lobby. Both were just babies, the skink was only about an inch or two long and the snake wasn’t much bigger. The little snake sure had attitude, though. He flattened out, coiled up and tried to bite me several times. Neither one wanted to be back outside, it was the 2 days were we were the hottest this week.

Second week of the tour started yesterday after a rest day on Monday. I’m really enjoying this tour. Maybe, because Contador has so much time to make up. Looks like the Schleck brothers might be on the podium. Still early, as the mountain stages haven’t started yet. The first week was marked by loads of crashes, more so than normal. First time for a motorcycle or car to cause crashes, that I’ve seen. That’s pretty scary stuff.

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