Monday, January 16, 2012

back to work

Recived this cryptic message from BQ1 about our sunday long run.

LBC @ 6:00.
Since you want 13ish I thought maybe you could keep "the Fast Master" company for his first leg and turn around whenever you need to. I’m going to head straight down 96 to Milton and meet him at the Milton store (that old cajun restaurant that’s closed). I’ll be at mile 6, he’ll be at mile 9 so I’ll give you guys a 15 min head start so I don’t have to stand around in the cold. I’ll get 17 and change, he’ll get 20.

What the hell? We've all run pieces of others workouts to get want we wanted or to help them out on part of their long run. And they've done the same. Just took awhile for it to sink into my dense head that this was just one big 20 mile loop, versus the out and backs or double loops we've done in the past. Above is the elevation profile for BQ1's 20 mile route. (really just the first 9 miles and my piece back to LBC) I only ran the first 9 miles and then headed straight back to the car. He picked up the Fast Master at that point and escorted him the rest of the way home. Pretty cool way to run a long run. I ended up staying at a steady pace home, guess the downhill really helped with that. Plus, got close to 15 miles.

Time for me to get back to work on speed. I've recovered enough from the sub 3:00 attempt at the Rocket City marathon. Next goal is a sub 18:50 5k. Maybe at Purity or the Special Kids. Haven't thought out the race yet, just the work needed to get ready for the attempt. Going to start with hill repeats and some short road repeats for a couple of weeks before I hit the track. We've already got 2 weeks worth of hill repeats done. Looks like a couple of the guys will be able to tag along in the coming weeks. Only 6 more weeks of winter, give or take.


BQ1 said...

after the zoo we'll have 10 weeks before the SpecKids 5K. That's enough for a full cycle. We've got the same goal.

Old Man said...

game on