Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Supposed to meet the fella’s this morning for a run. Got up and it was raining hard. Checked the email and everyone had bowed out. I decided to run from the house, but waited to see if the hard rain would move out. Looked like it on the radar.

Running in the rain isn’t that big of a deal, especially only for 4-6 miles. The temperature was a balmy 55 degrees. Not so much fun when the wind is blowing and the temperatures are in the 40’s. I’ve raced a half marathon to a PR in a pretty hard rain. Run plenty of training runs in cold rain, pouring rain, sideways rain and rain with brilliant/bright/hair standing on end lightning.

Of course I didn’t have to run in the rain. It’s just easier to run in the morning versus waiting until the evening after work. Don’t want to join a gym or try and run on a treadmill at one of the fitness spots. That’s just not a good allocation of my time and I’m too cheap to buy a treadmill. Plus, I really don’t like running on treadmills.

Didn’t notice until the end of the driveway that my shorts were on backwards. Don’t know how I managed that maneuver. May have been my haste to lube everything because of the rain. I know the last lube spot was my inner thighs. Oh well, didn’t turn around and swap them around. Hell, I was going to get soaked anyway, what difference would having my shorts on backward make? Did notice the first couple of miles that my ass felt like it was bare, probably ‘cause it was the only dry spot till that point. Pretty strange feeling. Decided 5 miles was plenty, because the rain seemed to be getting harder and after the turnaround the wind was really blowing in my face.

The stupid/silly running streak didn’t really have much bearing on deciding whether or not to run this particular morning. Maybe when it’s colder, I’ll let it go.

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