Sunday, January 29, 2012

clawin' my way back

Seems like it anyway. Maybe, I'm overtrained? Haven't recovered enough? Still only a couple of weeks into the speed build up. Barely able to hang on to the pack this morning for our long run in the hills. I fell off the back with the last 2 hills. Waved the fella's to go on without me, but they waited for me. Was able to squeak out a couple of semi-up tempo miles with BQ1, pulling and the rest of the guys biting at our heels.

At least the pace was better than last weeks effort at the Zoo run. I knew going into the race I didn't have any speed. It was supposed to be a chance for Dylan to race and me to drink some beer with the guys.

Tried to sabotage BQ1²'s race that didn't work. (Pale chaser on the way to the line) Tried to keep BQ1 in sight that didn't work. (800 meters and I was done) Tried to run tempo pace that didn't work. Tried to not get chicked by a grandmaster female, barely able to accomplish that one.

Dylan on the other hand, had a great race. He lined up with me up front and I pushed him back to the first kid his size behind us. Hard to tell him he ran a great race when he finished behind me, but he damn near caught me. Not to bad for a 10 year old. Unfortunately they changed the age groups and all of the older kids beat him to the line. He was the fastest 10 year old, but that didn't get him anything. Don't know if his disappointment will encourage him to actually start training or not.

No shortcuts to fast. Portion of an amusing spam email, below. Scarey that have I have become the target of emails to try and make me faster.

Yes, You want to run faster or
Yes, You know someone who wants to run faster or
Yes, You want to get fitter or lose weight or
Yes, There is a “NEW” answer to all these very statements - YES !!!

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You have been tagged on "11 Random Things" on my blog. ;-)