Monday, March 23, 2009

6 weeks

Only 2 more 20+ mile runs in this training cycle. That's only going to give me 6 twenty plus milers for this build up. But, the increased miles have really made them seem a lot easier than in the past. Saturday, I did 21 miles on the Striders training run. Even had enough energy to push from mile 18 to 20 at marathon pace and then a nice easy mile cool down on the grass in front of the Parthenon. That was the first time I've run one of the training runs, lots of people all different paces and supported with water, gu and gatorade/cytomax. Doesn't get much better than that.

Training continues to go pretty well. This weeks Yasso 800 workout went better than expected. I averaged 3:04 for the seven that I ran. Should have run eight, but my glute and achilles were a little tender. Plus, come to find out, I wasn't giving myself enough recovery. Next week I'll shoot for ten. This weeks speed is just going to be 7-8 miles at marathon pace. Trick is going to be figuring out that pace. Somewhere between 3:03 and 3:10 marathon time or around 7:00 to 7:15 per mile. Another pace calculator.

Allergies finally started to react to all of the pollen this morning. Can't complain, other than a little bit of drainage in my eyes last week this has been the first episode this spring. Eyes are on fire, but that's about it. One sneezing fit. May be because I didn't wear my glasses this morning. They actually keep most of the pollen out of my eyes.

We spent most of the day at the farm yesterday. Pulled the tire off the wheel barrow and put a new inner tube in the tire. Much more difficult to change a tube on it versus a bike. One of those big honey locust thorns was stuck through the tire and was still poking into the tube. Spent the rest of the day tilling up the garden. Little weed eater sized tiller didn't seem to beat me up as much as the larger tiller.

Streak is still intact, 34 days.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried a daily tablespoon of local honey, supposed to help.I know dad did allergy shots, buthe also did honey.Side note:get food and water for at least thirty days,I'mm hopeing that what the farm comments are about.The Ice storm which decimated the entore region was a NON-event for our family, and we provided electric for a neighbor, hot food and coffee and assurance for church friends, and a generator and some gas for the brother-in-law who didn't listen,but came by because he knew we had what he would need.God bless you.Kevin

Lisa said...

GREAT running streak!

Oh how I do miss the strider runs!