Monday, March 30, 2009

end in sight

Less than 5 weeks till race day. Only one more 20 miler. Couldn't be soon enough. This cycle seems to have been marked with wind, rain and cold. Hopefully this morning was the last day of sub 40 degree weather, but I doubt it. Actually warmer in the 32 degrees this morning without any wind, than yesterday and 40 degrees and 20+ mph gusts.

Very thankful for P. to slow down and run the first half of yesterdays 21.85 miles and then S. to show up and pull us home for the second half. Much easier to do those long runs with a group, than all by my lonesome. Wind really took it out of me, not as much energy as the last 20 miler.

Celebrated Darrell's 20th birthday yesterday. We had a pretty large group of family for burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Hard to believe he's 20, time sure does fly.

Running streak is still alive, 42 days as of this morning. Tomorrow, I should be able to get back on the golf course for a run. This past week it's been to wet for the golf course and even for the gravel out at Old Fort.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Darrell.
Uncle Kevin