Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wind and rain

Another training run in the rain. This cycle seems to have oodles of runs in the rain and even a race. The rain never was a factor this morning, actually warmer rain than in the past, 57 degrees. The wind on the other hand was pretty stout. I had it in my face for the first 4 miles at marathon pace and it was very noticeable. Because of the darkness, wind and rain, it was pretty difficult to see the Garmin. So, once I settled into pace, I maintained pretty much by perceived effort. I knew I'd have to go a little harder into the wind and counted on it slowing me down. Plan was to go about 7:05 pace and settle for a 7:10 because of the wind. The last 4 miles at marathon pace were considerably easier. The wind was at my back. Seemed like the rain picked up alittle bit, but no biggie. Only problem was I forgot to lube. I'll pay for that when I get in the shower. The splits really show the effect of the wind. First 4 miles slowed because of headwind and the last 4 with a little pickup because of the tailwind or cross wind.

56:13 total time at marathon pace

Very encouraging workout. I've done marathon pace efforts in the past, but typically throughout the cycle. This was the first attempt at the "new" marathon pace. Averages out to a 7:01, that may be a little to quick. But, the rain and darkness really hampered my effort to control the pace at the desired target. The effort was pretty steady.

Lance Armstrong crashed hard the other day and broke his collar bone. Hate it. Quote from him on how lucky he's been in the 17 years of racing and this is the first time he's broken his collar bone. Hopefully he should be back racing in 4-6 weeks. Couldn't have come at a worst time in his comeback. Now his Giro shot is just about gone and even for the Tour de France he won't be peaking at the right time. Damn.

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