Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So far 29 days in a row without a day off. 172 total miles in March, 278 miles in February and 282 miles in January. Didn't really start to think about running daily until some time in February, I took 2 days off that month and 4 days off in January. In January, 2 of the days off were in the same week as the Fat Ass 50k. Still feeling pretty good, except for this past Sunday. We went 15.5 miles on Sunday the day after the half marathon and I was tired and sore.

Two big benefits to this increase in mileage, weight has dropped a couple of pounds and strength has improved. I'm starting to see the speed pick up and the endurance. I still don't seem to have that extra gear the fast guys shift into on their long runs. Perhaps I can develop that in the coming months.

Only downside to this new level is the projected marathon finish time. Between the McMillan, Noakes and Daniels tables, the projection is 3:03 - 3:07. Geez, I've always thought a 3:10 would be the A goal. Going to try some Yasso 800's tomorrow and see how they play out according to the tables. I've always targeted 3:10-15 in the past.

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StangLuvr said...

Congrats on the good running. My IT Band is acting up after the TK 1/2. I am going to rest it a few weeks and then get back out there. I have to scrap my plans for the full CMM, but I am planning on doing the half.