Thursday, June 4, 2009

another rainy day

How about those abs?

Sure like to have abs like that when I'm 56 years old.

Looks like another rainy day. May set a record for the wettest month in 10 years or something. Even got rained on yesterday morning on the bike. Hate riding the bike in the rain. Radar showed the one little rain shower had moved out. Go figure.

Off schedule on speed workouts this week. Last night was the first speed workout of the week. EB and I did 16 x one minute at 3k pace with one minute recovery. Great workout. It was definitely hot and humid. Friday morning is the next scheduled speed workout, 40 minutes at adjusted tempo pace. I'll have to do that one alone. The guys did their tempo workout this morning.

Pet peeves. Nails and other sharp objects on the road. This mornings run was littered with sh*t on the road. First, right in our subdivision where they had just re roofed a house, a pile of staples. Then on the roadway, I picked up 2 handfuls of 16 penny nails from about the same spot on either side of the road. Jeez. I've gotten my fair share of flats on my bike from that crap.

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William said...

Great article about Masters athletes. Definitely great abs but she could use a polevault coach... not such good form.

Trivia: From a family of polevaulters, my brother Tom was the first HS vaulter in NY to clear 16' and was recruited to MTSU by Dean Hayes in 1981. He still holds the MTSU polevault record to this day, nearly 3 decades later.